Instructions for Buy + Donate


British Red Cross  –  Buy + Donate   Information

Once you have looked at the Buy + Donate section of my website and chosen the painting or print you would like to buy, please email me to see if it is available at  


If the piece has not already been sold and you write that you definitely want it, please provide: 

          a     Full contact details – name, address, phone, email.

If you are not well known to me or one of my friends  (and because I was nearly trapped in an illegal money laundering ‘scam’ last year)  I am also obliged to ask for: 

          b     Bona fide references, such as the address of your bank manager or company manager or proof you have rented holiday accommodation in St Mawes

Once your enquiry is confirmed as ‘safe’,  you should go to the British Red Cross website  and donate the amount of the agreed selling price of your chosen painting there:

If you wish, you can select a specific category, or simply donate into their general fund via the red Donate button   Bank cards and PayPal are accepted.  

          c     Then Email me an image of a Red Cross receipt or Thank You which shows proof of payment

As the painting will be a gift from me in return for your donation and is not a commercial “purchase”, you may feel it appropriate to increase the value by adding Gift Aid, but that is entirely up to you. 

The painting is then available for collection from me.  

If Postage+Insurance+Packing, at cost, is required, this will be the only charge payable to me.  However, as packing is difficult and extremely time consuming, if there is any way your painting could be collected from me in St Mawes it would be very much appreciated



Thank you for your interest in my Red Cross Appeal  Buy + Donate initiative.  It is a long term project and there are plenty of paintings available as well as those actually listed.  So, if you like this idea and could introduce it to friends, I would be most grateful