Hotel Tresanton




p146  Hotel Tresanton Goat  *

p146  Hotel Tresanton Goat

Pen and wash  A4   unframed  SOLD but also available as a hand painted print





Hotel Tresanton card original*


Original water colour design for Hotel Tresanton card

5.5″  8″  available for £150 Red Cross donation  see Buy + Donate   SOLD






706 Tea on the Terrace, Hotel Tresanton





Hotel Tresanton, Afternoon on the terrace





p120  Hotel Tresanton, the Dining Room

Available as a hand painted A4 print   £25




836  Hotel Tresanton, The new Beach Club





p155 – 906  On the beach by Hotel Tresanton





921 Hotel Tresanton beach view





925  Tresanton, the new Beach Club terrace  *





922 Hotel Tresanton, view from the terrace  *





920  St Mawes frm the Nook Terrace, Hotel Tresanton 2020  *





Hotel Tresanton St Mawes  c2000






Beach Garden, Hotel Tresanton  St Mawes






HOTEL TRESANTON  archive drawings of the refurbishment 1996 – 1998

Many of these paintings, together with the two large oil compositions,

are on view above the staircase from the Dogs’ Bar


Hotel Tresanton before refurbishment




















Many of these paintings are on view above the staircase which leads from the Dogs’ Bar